3D Modelling Interface

This project, published in the book “Arduino and Kinect Projects” form Apress, illustrates how to build a 3D Modelling interface using a Kinect and an Arduino Lilypad. From the book:

“In this project, you’re going to build a wearable user interface that will complement Kinect’s tracking capabilities with accurate multi-clicking and you will use it to build 3D geometries by drawing directly in space. Your user interface will be mounted on a standard glove and will use an Arduino LilyPad as its computational core. You will learn how to use the bending of your fingers as an input device via flex sensors. You will then learn how to develop your own simple CAD program to translate the position of your hand and the bending of your fingers into 3D geometries (as shown in Figure 11-1) that you will then export as .dxf files readable by other CAD and 3D-modeling packages.”


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